Tips for Renting Your Home to Vacationers

Do you live in a popular area or near a resort? Are you looking for creative ways to earn a bit of extra cash? An increasingly popular trend is to rent your home to vacationing families. There are key pieces to keep in mind in order for this to work. Your home must be in excellent condition – think about the type of home you’d like to rent for vacation and compare the shape of yours to that. Second, you need some place to stay while your home is being rented out. Follow these recommendations from the real estate professionals to ensure your home rental program is launched for success.

Depending on the condition of your home, you may need to plan on spending some time and money, but the return will be worth it. Get the mindset that you’re not only updating and maintaining your home to earn extra income, but also to protect your investment and enjoy the upgrades while you’re living there. One of the first steps is to identify several websites that market private vacation homes for rental. Check out the listings in your area. What condition are they in? What is there size and location? Finally, what is the condition of the properties you have identified? Consider these properties to be your market competition.

Ramp up the curb appeal of your home. Ensure the landscaping is maintained and there are no deferred maintenance issues on the exterior. Update the porch light fixtures, house numbers and welcome mat. Apply a fresh coat of paint to the front door and shutters. On the interior, get rid of the clutter and ensure plenty of open space on countertops and tabletops. Apply a coat of light colored paint to the rooms and touch up the baseboards and trim work as needed. Steam-clean the floors and carpets as necessary. Ensure that all appliances are in working order. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and load up on fresh towels and solid colored bed linens from the great selections available from Bed Bath & Beyond. Take multiple photos of the interior and exterior and list your home according to the instructions on the website you’ve chosen. Best of luck to you!